Milesi sun protection

Sunshades for windows and doors in Bergamo

Sun protection and glare protection is an important factor for saving energy in modern residential and commercial buildings and contributes to the well-being of the user. Therefore intelligent control systems ensure comfort and maximum benefits:

Sun protection in brief
  • Reduction in the energy required for cooling by protecting against overheating
  • Artificial light is replaced by the controlled management of daylight
  • Optimal shading and simultaneous interaction with the outside thanks to the high level of transparency
  • Production of solar energy using integrated photovoltaic modules
  • Ease of operation by remote control
  • A centralized control system saves energy and provides comfort in the workplace
  • Manual operation for individual comfort
  • Tailored solutions for maximum reliability for emergency exits

The various sun protection solutions can be integrated into the building shell in a versatile, customized and systematic way, whilst simultaneously acting as decorative elements on the façade. In addition, the high-performance CTB solar protection is particularly effective in places where wind speed levels are high.

Frangisole Serramenti Bergamo

Sunshades for windows and doors in Bergamo