Shutters for doors and windows in Bergamo

Grado shutters

Grado is the ideal system for the construction of PVC shutters in a classic or rustic style.

Grado enables the contruction of a wide range of shutters in solid thicknesses; it consists of a double structure of which the outer part has a thickness of 25mm and the internal part has a thickness of 40mm. It meets requirements for complex technical performances, guaranteeing solidity, stability and keeps the highest level of elegant aesthetics on any property.

Capri-Ischia shutters

To meet the architectural requirements linked to the tradition of shutters, Ischia and Capri are the ideal solutions for the production of PVC shutters with adjustable or fixed slats (Capri), blinds with slatted panels or bosses (Ischia). Thanks to the internal aluminium bearing frame, these systems provide excellent stability. Each solution guarantees excellent levels of impermeability, resistance, low acoustic impact and resistance to weather conditions. They are ideal for different architectural, renovation or new construction projects. It is possible to make sliding shutters and to choose between three different types of assembly: on a frame, monoblock or direct hooking onto walls and, upon request, it is also possible to insert locks with double closing. Features

Technologies: ◗ Closure with espagnolette locks, corner strips. ◗ Possibility to also make sliding shutters. ◗ Upon request locks with double closing, inside with a knob, externally with single lock pump cylinder. ◗ Excellent stability guaranteed by the internal aluminium supporting frame. ◗ Possibility to choose between three types of assembly: on a frame, monoblock or direct hooking onto walls.

OLBIA shutter

Olbia is the right system for the construction of classic shutters with complete panels, folding panels, in Vicentina or Padovana styles; the internal structure, composed of reinforcements which are mechanically joined together, guarantees excellent stability and non-deformability.

Olbia represents the union of the past and present facing the future. The spirit of tradition is combined with the performance and technological content guaranteed by PVC and our superior manufacturing standards.

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Grado shutters