Eco 3

Description: Eco 3, certified class 3 anti-burglary, it has been specially designed with the aim of combining maximum security with a very neat and linear aesthetic appearance, almost light, even if the light look obviously remains a purely aesthetically appreciated aspect. With Eco 3, a home will have maximum security combined with a pleasant elegance in various colours, in versions with or without decorative studs.

Eco 3 plus

Description: Eco 3 plus, designed and built with innovative and reliable technical features, certified as class 3 but with the technical aspects of class 4 anti-burglary, in order to combine high security and reliability, at a very low price for the characteristics that distinguish it. With the possibility of having designs with or without studs, in various colours. Result, a safe home with elegance and reliability.


Description: innovative and unique construction, where the parts’ technology reigns. Product is certified class 4 burglar-proof to guarantee the best possible in security levels with every detail studied and patented to obtain the maximum in terms of both aesthetics and safety.

Parts for Grilles

Description: Components created for the easy, safe and economic construction of safety gates with internal and external 180° opening. The images illustrate: 1. 2008 joint with block 2. 2008 joint without block 3. blocking pin 4. retractable jamb

Cancelletti di sicurezza Serramenti Bergamo

Security Grilles Windows and doors in Bergamo