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Doors in Bergamo

Doors are important focal points of a building’s shell and give each individual architectural work a specific and individual character. In this context, the Schüco brand is synonymous with variety in terms of materials, design and applications

Doors in brief:
  • Doors in brief:
  • Aesthetically appealing design
  • Free reign in creative and individual solutions
  • Wide range of colours (RAL, anodized finish, two-tone).
  • Quality from a tested system.
Armoured doors


The interior doors of a house, as well as being a purely functional element, can be considered in all respects furnishing objects of great aesthetic and architectural value.

The style that distinguishes a home is reflected in the choice of each element that is part of it, be it a piece of furniture, be it the parquet covering the floor, the ceramics in the bathroom, a plant or a frame.

An interior door is an important “piece” of the great puzzle that is a home.

Important on a formal level, because it marks the access to every room and is the separation between rooms, because it is a focal point, never hidden, because it is an element that stays in the house for a long time, usually until the house is renovated.

But also on a functional level: it has its own dimensions, which you can try to reduce to the minimum by opting for particular types of opening, its aesthetic importance, which can be emphasized or homologated with the rest of the surroundings.

Precisely for this reason it is essential that the choice of interior doors is not made randomly, but guided, recommended by those who produce and sell doors every day and that it is made from an evaluation of the quality of an object that you will look upon for most of your day.

4 elements characterize the choice of an interior door: door model, type of opening, frame, colour and finish. To these, accessories are added and then the door is ready for your home.


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